旅游很無聊Traveling is Boring2015-03-16
Traveling is usually boring. There are always too many people in the places of interest in China and it is crowed everywhere, when it comes to the golden weeks, this situation could be worse.
網戀的危害The Danger of Online Love Affair2015-03-16
As the Internet has been widely developed, searching the Internet has been part of our life. We use the Internet to communicate with friends and make new friends, as the way to know somebody becomes easy, people like to make friends through computer.
網上購物(一)Online Shopping (一)2015-03-15
In the current society, with the rapid development of the Internet, shopping on the internet has been a fashion especially among the youngsters.
論旅行 Of Traveling2015-03-15
More and more people now show their great interests in traveling, because traveling can bring us a lot of benefits.
關于責任 About Responsibility2015-03-14
Last night, I saw the news that a bus driver died of heart disease when he was doing his job, there were many passengers in the car, the driver stopped the car in the sidewalk and then died.
一次交通事故 A Traffic Accident2015-03-14
Yesterday morning, I heard a terrible news that my friend Allee was admitted to the hospital because of a car accident.
早熟的孩子Early-maturing Children2015-03-13
In China, there is a saying that the children who live in the countryside are early-maturing, it is not about the physiology, it is about the mentality.
家庭的影響 The Influence of Family2015-03-13
In China, people treat the family as a very important union, families get together now and then, even the kids get married, they still treat their parents in the first place.
最美學生The Most Beautiful Students2015-03-12
In 2014, when June comes, it means the college entrance exam comes, too. It is the most important moment for the high school students, they have worked for three years, they are ready to go to further study.
占據學習座位Occupying the Study Seat2015-03-12
In China, students work so hard, they study day and night, for the purpose of getting the high mark, so that they can go to a better school, which will bring them more promising future.
關于快樂On Happiness2015-03-11
On Happiness Someone asks me what on earth happiness means? I cant give you the exact definition of it, but Im sure if you love and help others, youll get it. Ill never forget an old lady. She lives in a small house alone. Its said th
瘋狂購物Shopping Without Limitation2015-03-11
It has been admitted that shopping is every girls nature, I am one of them. Since I take the part-time job, I have little money to support me to buy something.
太空授課激發孩子的夢想 Lecture from Space Inspires Children's Dreams2015-03-10
In short, scientific knowledge has helped open a window for the youngsters to know about the universe. I am sure that this activity will take root in youngers heart as a seed, and ultimately grow into towering trees.
早起的重要性 The Importance of Get Up Early2015-03-10
First, it helps to keep us fit. We all need fresh air. But air is never so fresh as early in the morning.Besides, by taking morning exercises we can improve our health. Second, it can help us in our studies. In the morning we can learn more quickly.
萊昂內爾安德烈斯梅西Lionel Andres Messi2015-03-09
Lionel Andres Messi is a famous and successful football player around the world. 萊昂內爾安德烈斯梅西是一個著名、成功的世界足球運動員.
我最喜歡的水果 My Favorite Fruit2015-03-09
I like eating various kinds of fruits, but what I like most is apple.
如何保持健康 How to Keep Healthy2015-03-08
People often ask and are asked that what is the most important thing in life. Some people answer that family is the most important and others say love, work or money. In my opinion, health is the most important in life. However, how to kee
我的室友My Roommates2015-03-08
I study in a high school, the school is far away from my home, so I have to live in the school. The first day I came to the school, the headmaster led me to a dormitory, he said I would have three roommates.
汽車的利弊 Pros and Cons of the Automobile2015-03-07
Nowadays, it is generally acknowledged that the automobiles make our life convenient.Some argue that they play an essential role in our modern life and we can not live well without automobiles.People drive their cars to go to work which saves more time and energy.
不放棄希望 Never Lose Hope2015-03-07
However hard the situation is, we shouldnt lose our heart, because we have our dreams
北京歡樂谷之旅 The Trip to Beijing Happy Valley2015-03-06
The wonderful Beijing Happy Valley trip will start from Fjord Forest . Here you will see colorful glass air trails, sparkling joy square, stylish park gate, beautiful and innocent joy theater, and green woods. What a perfect combination of fashion and nature!
白色污染White Pollution2015-03-06
With the remarkable improvement of peoples living standard, people tend to buy more goods. As a result, a plenty of plastic bags are threw around and caused white pollution.
My wish我的愿望(三)2015-03-05
If I had a boat,I would sail away across the seven seas,wandering and drifting as I went to see the world.I have loved the sea ever since I was a small child.
我的偶像-艾薇兒•拉維尼My Idol --Avril Lavigne2015-03-05
There are many stars received great achievements, such as Jay Chou, Jackie Chen, Quwanting and so on. However, the star who I like the best is Avril Lavigne. She is my idol.
水的重要性(一)The Importance of Water(一)2015-03-04
It is well-known that water is indispensable in existing, in producing and in living. And we should not waste of a drop of water.


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