什么是快樂? What Is Happiness?2015-03-04
Many people believe that having a lot of money is the greatest happiness in life. But I dont agree with them, because money is not everything. Money cant make us a true man.
澳門回歸紀念日 The Returning Anniversary of Macao2015-03-03
Nowadays, when we talk about Macao, we all know that it belongs to China. But a long time ago, its robbed by Portuguesa. At the midnight of December 20, 1999, the Portuguese and China government held a handover ceremony at the Macao cultural center, which meant Chinese government has resumed
中秋節 Mid-autumn Day2015-03-03
Mid-Autumn Day is more or less like Spring Festival. It falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Its an important day for our Chinese, because its a family reunion day.
國際罕見病日Rare Disease Day2015-03-02
We only have one earth, but this unique earth is not simple. There are many things need people to understand, to solve. Let me take illness as an example. Everyone will get ill, such as catch a cold, have a fever, cough, sugar diabetes and so on.
我的班長 My Monitor2015-03-02
Zhang Xin is our monitor. She is tall, healthy and lively. She does well in all subjects.
春天 Spring2015-03-01
When you look around, you will find that the spring is coming. The breeze is gently brushing your face. The blue sky is above you. After raining, the flowers are blooming in the garden.
我眼中的好老師A Good Teacher in My Eye2015-03-01
There are many standards to judge whether a teacher is good or not, such as popularity among students, the scores of students or his or her title.
雪人 Snowman2015-02-28
Many friends of mine who study in the north upload a lot of interesting pictures about snowmen on their personal blogs.
微笑的力量 The Power of Smile2015-02-28
There are a great many kinds of power of smile.
A Coincidence巧合2015-02-27
One day Mrs Jones goes to her usual place to practise golf.She likes the game,viewing it as a good way of losing weight. The place is open and empty with a huge tree standing on a low hill.Mrs Jones places a ball on the ground.
高考沖刺 The Sprint in College Entrance Exam2015-02-27
The period of high school stage is the preparation for college, all the students work hard in the purpose of the better future.
廣場舞的流行 The Popularity of Square Dance2015-02-26
In China, the woman who is more than 40 year-old is called Da Ma, it has to be admitted that Da Ma is a powerful group.
有氧運動的好處 The Benefit of Aerobic Exercise2015-02-26
Aerobic exercise is a series of activities which can improve our heart-lung function by maintaining longer, including running, bicycling, swimming and so on. It brings a lot of benefits to our body and psychology.
開卷有益 Reading Is Valuable2015-02-25
In my opinion, reading is of great benefit to us. For one thing, reading is a good way to make one more intelligent.
桂林美景 Brief Introduction of Guilin Beauty2015-02-25
Guilin is a sunny land in my mind. I dream of going there on holiday every year. Its well-known for its natural beauty.
一個慵懶的寒假A Lazy Winter Holiday2015-02-24
This winter is freezing cold. I didnt have any desire to go out for play. I always stayed at home. Actually, most of the time I was in my bed. When I felt anxious for staying inside too long, I will go near the window to wach the children building snowman or throwing snowballs.
別讓“盛宴”變“剩宴” Wasting Food2015-02-24
I hope people can pay more attention to food waste and remind of ourselves every day that do not waste any food.
關于考試 About Examinations2015-02-23
About Examinations I dont remember how many examinations Ive taken since I began my schooling. Truth to tell, I dont like examinations at all. I dare say that, in fact, no student likes examinations.
聾人 Deaf People2015-02-23
There are many people are deaf among the sixty billion population. They dont have a sound body. They have to face much more difficulties than common people in their daily life. However, there is a big problem they have to face.
工作第一天 My First Working Day2015-02-22
Recently I have just got a job in a water factory and I started to work yesterday. My colleagues were kind and friendly to me.
應不應該留意拼寫?Should Attention Be Given to Spelling?2015-02-22
The basic and important part of studying English is spelling. Unfortunately, many students dont pay attention to it. Thus, students skills of spelling are increasingly worse. Sometimes even an easy word could be spelled wrong, but they dont seem to realize their mistakes.
英語的重要性 The Importance of English2015-02-21
In China, almost all students learn English, no matter they are pupils or undergraduates. Some people think that there is no need for Chinese to learn English, because after graduation, it is no use at all. I dont think so. English is the
時間 Time2015-02-21
Time is the most valuable for people, because you can never own it again after it goes.
如何控制人口增長How To Control The Population2015-02-20
China has a large population, the worlds most population is here. Even though our government has carried out the policy of Family Plan many years ago, the population is still increasing that our economy is lagging behind America and other developed countries.
圣誕節快樂Merry Christmas2015-02-20
December 25 is Christmas Day, the day is originates in the western country, it is in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. In the Bible, it is record that Jesus saved people out of trouble, he is the son of god, he died of suffering for the purpose of saving people.


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